My love for the Ocean stems back to my childhood, where I was bread and born in a tiny coastal hideaway called Dutton Way, Portland.

No wonder I feel so at home and connected with the sheer beauty of the dynamic landscapes of Victoria. I am now fortunate enough to be living in Torquay, part of the Surfcoast, a backyard full of iconic Surf beaches, and rugged untamed landscapes.

Through my photos I want to tell a story of tides turned, of sun-dried land and light dancing upon wave tops. Combining a love for the ocean and creative imagery.

I’m still that little girl from Dutton Way, excited to see what magic Mother Nature unfolds… I wake up to my alarm, hearing nothing more than the local cockatoo’s, grabbing my camera bag, coffee and off I go in search of a location that catches my eye, and wait to see what beauty unfolds before my Lens.

Creating art pieces that not only bring the beach to your home, but encapsulates the delight of texture, colour depth and feeling.